Message format questions

hi i’'ve a small question about sending messages:

i toy with the idea of implementing a whiteboadr application using the xmpp protocoll as transfere layer and so smack as layer for sending the message.

now my problem: i saw that i can add arbitrary properties to messages (as it can be found in the api documentation) and it would be no problem to add the informations i need for the whiteboard to one of these messages but … and that’'s the difficult part.

if anyone sends such an message to a client that doesn’‘t understand the whiteboard messages i don’'t want it to display anything (and not an empty message) - is this possible or has anyone an idea how i can realize that?

If you send of a message stanza with an empty body, most clients will ignore the message and just look for packet extensions, so you should be just fine using it.



thank you i’'ll try this as fast as i have time