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Message id in Openfire android for local and server database messages sync

I am working with cross platform xmpp chat application using Openfire as server. I need to keep the messages locally for offline functionality in smartphone version. I am following the below scenario.

  1. Sending and receiving messages and inserting each messages onto local db.
  2. Syncing messages when opening a chat

I have found that there is an “id” in Message object in smartphone openfire xmpp framework but which is not inserted in any of the server database. Because of this reason i cannot able to get a unique id between local db messages and sever db messages, and which will cause duplicate messages when syncing with server database or i may need to clear the table before syncing to avoid duplicate. So i need to know whether the id object inserted in to any of the default openfire server tables ? and if not, is there is any other options for server localdb sync?

Did you already find an answer on this question?

hi, kindly let us know if you have found anything further on this as i am facing same issue