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Message loss when client exit as exception

openfire version 4.4.4,smack 4.3.4:
Cleint A exit as exception,Client B send message to ClientA immediately;Client B send successfully,Client A can’t receive message when restart and connect openfire server.
who could tell me how to do

thank you!

It would be interesting to find out where this message got routed. Using a combination of debugging tools, I advice you to check if:

  • The message left client B (use the Smack debugger to see traffic)
  • The message was received by Openfire (use the XML Debugger plugin to see traffic)
  • The message was delivered to client A by Openfire (again, use the XML Debugger plugin)
  • The message was recorded in Openfire’s offline database store (use a database query tool)

Investigating exactly where the message passes allows you to narrow down where the problem must be.