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Message-Notifications in "permanent conferences"?


is there a possibility for a permanent conference-chat in Spark with notifications for new messages but members don’t have to be logged in the conference? comparable to a whatsapp-group…?


No. In xmpp a user has to be in the room to get updates from it.

Note that the XMPP community is busy drafting a new group-chat protocol named “MIX”. This intends to replace the current protocol, “MUC”. In the new protocol, this will become possible. It will be quite some while before that becomes available thought.

which means…, they work on the function I was asking for? that would be great!any idea when?

Guestimate: months.

I think it is fair to mention that Guus is talking about the XMPP community as a whole and not about Openfire per se. Even when this draft-standard is created it will take some additional time to be adopted by Openfire (and Spark, if it needs a modification to support MIX).