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Message search capability

Not sure if this would benefit others, but an idea for an enhancement (I don’‘t believe this already exists?). From time to time, I’‘ll have a conversation with a coworker via IM that contains some information I may want to ‘‘remember’’ a month or so down the road. Usually what I end up remembering is that we discussed it via IM, and it’'s in my chat history somewhere. It would be useful to provide some sort of search utility (something as simple as what Cntrl-F provides to Windows Wordpad) in the conversation history so that you can quickly search for key words.

What would be really nice is a way to tie it into something like MS Desktop Search, that way I can search my email, im, files, etc… all at the same time. I know that they do provide ‘‘generic’’ search commands.

Anyways, just throwing it out there. Thanks.

I back this post. I am also in need of Message history search capability because in our business, we really need our message history and we are saving it. We back it up in CD-R or DVD-R.

So, if we have a lot of message history, it’'s really hard to find it without a search function.

Thank you


I think this post should be in Dev…?? Just a thought


it’'s really hard to find something using the default log viewer while every text editor has much better search capabilities the XML looks a little bit weird.

Posting feature requests here is as far as I can tell right unless you have a question on how to develop something.


Hi it2000

Is the message history search function can be possible in the next versions?

Just want to know :). I know one messenger that is quite similar to Spark (Of course Spark is number 1 to me). Have you ever heard of Soapbox 2.5? It is capable of searching message archives.

I hope Spark can do such thing.

Thank you for your time & Take care