MessageEventListener not working

Hi guys,

I’'m implementing a plugin and wanted to make use of MessageEventListener Interface. However, it seems that receivingMessage is never called. A code snip is here

final MessageEventListener messageListener = new MessageEventListener() {

public void sendingMessage(Message message) {

System.err.print( "Msg: " + message.getBody() + " to " + message.getTo());


public void receivingMessage(Message message) {

System.err.print( Msg: " + message.getBody() + " to " + message.getFrom());




Is there something I’'m missing here?

TIA Aggi

Hi Aggi,

No, you’‘re not missing anything, looks like you’‘ve instead found a bug. The ChatRoomImpl#fireReceivingIncomingMessage method is never called so your MessageEventListener#receivingMessage method is never notified. Depending on what you’'re doing you might want to take a look at using the MessageListener interface for the time being.

Hope that helps,


thanks, I thought so and I’'ve also implemented a MessageListener which works alright, but thanks for confirming my believes.