Messages aren't received or showed


I have a problem that sometime some messages are not received via Spark:

This problem occures on Spark 1.6.3 to Spark 1.7.0 on Windows 7/8. The message are transfered succesfully as I can see in the debug output of the jabber server (prosodoy). But on spark side there are no log entries or event the message itself in the contact window. I tried to find out if it’s a client- or server specific problem. My conclusion is with the following testscript that’s a client bug:

Reproducable as follow:

  1. Save the spark_test.php to a server with php

  2. Extract the used library XMPPHP in the same directory

  3. Create three test accounts and one target account on a jabber server

  4. Modify the php file (Line 12: $cHostname, Line 11:: $cTarget, and Line 7-9 the $aConnections Array)

  5. Login to the target Jabber account with spark

  6. Minimize spark completly to systray

  7. Execute the phps cript with: php spark_test.php

  8. The result: On Gajim i.e. all 10 Messages from all three accounts are received and showd. In spark it doesn’t work and some messages aren’t showed.

Spark settings:

All checkboxed disabled unter Settings / notifcation and a variant of other settings


  1. Used php framework

  2. PHP testscript which uses abobe library

  3. Smack Debug Log for raw received packets

  4. Smack Debug Lof for raw sent packets

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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