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Messages from external sources

I’'m just posting this so people who are looking for similar stuff might find it.

There are two ways to “push” messages to the Jive server from external sources (alert messages from servers, etc). One uses java and the other uses perl.

If you are doing Java, there is code now published on the Smack forum that will let you do it. The link is:


You can also use a perl script called “jann.pl”, found at:


You will need to modify it as follows:

  1. You need to load the Net::Jabber and XML::Streams modules for this to work at all.

  2. line 131 should change from Net::Jabber::EscapeXML to XML::Stream:: EscapeXML

  3. You need to somehow “fix” the $to variable so that it points to <>@broadcast.<> .

Both implementations (java and perl) work on my windows-based server environment.

Thanks to all who offered support, guidance and encouragement.