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Messages not being received only sound notification and vice versa

I posted this in spark support also (and no reply) as i’m not sure if its a spark or openfire issue as its happening on multiple people’s spark and an uninstall/reinstall does not fix. It seems to happen more with communication between different sites connected via vpn. Here is a description:

people type the message in the client (spark in our case) and hit enter and the message stays in the message field and doesn’t appear in the chat window. however the person on the other end is getting the message. or conversely, the message is typed and hitting enter puts it in the chat window but the person on the other end doesn’t see it. I believe this is since we upgraded to spark 3.5.7 or to openfire 3.3.3 ( i think i did both right around the same time)

oh in the spark forum, i posted as dascott55 b/c my account was disabled at the time.

I believe the issue is with Spark 2.5.7, try using 2.5.6 or the 2.5.8 Beta1. I did this for our users having that issue and it seems to have resolved the issue.

great thanks, i will try that. I was thinking to try that but figured i’d post again so others knew also…

thanks for the quick response.

so far this seems to have resolved the issue.

Ok this is an issue with 2.5.7 and 2.5.8 beta 1. It has affected numerous users after the upgrade to 2.5.7 and 2.5.8 beta 1 did not resolve it. So i have been “downgrading” people to 2.5.5 but now you can’t see the avatars in the contact list but oh well.

Any idea on a fix for this as i really don’t want to have uninstall /reinstall on 40 pcs.

I wish if spark client manager is set back to an older version it would roll back the version if its a newer version but that doesn’t happen.