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Messed up some file and folder owners from "openfire" to "root"

Hi there,

something really messed up here. I installed OF over a year ago. I used the .tar-ball and every file and every folder belongs to the owner “openfire”. So i started OF running under the user “openfire” rahter than “root” or something else. Everything went just fine. From time to time i updated OF to the newest version but last time i messed up smth. As mentioned before, every file and folder belongs to the user “openfire” which also is used to start the server. Anyway for the last update i used the .tar-ball version again, but i copied all files and folders as “root”. Now some files and folders belongs to the user “openfire” and some to the user “root”. So good so bad. Then, accidentally, i started the server using “root”. That causes no trouble but the trouble starts now. I don’t like to run OF under root, i’d like to run it under “openfire” as i did before. But when i’m now trying to start OF using the user “openfire” the server won’t start right away. He keeps starting with the setup process. I tried to walk through the setup up it repeats. So i’m stuck. OF will only start if i start it as root. I think this is because some files belongs to the user “openfire” and some to “root”.

What can i do to start OF using the user “openfire” again and dont get the setup everytime i try? Simply change the owner of all files and folders from “root” to “openfire”?

What do you think?

yes you would need to chown the folders back to openfire user.

Ok, thats what i thought. Just in case i chown everything to the openfire user and fire OF up and the setup is still stuck, or doesnt finish (reloading… itselfs to death) - what could i do then? Except of a fresh install :slight_smile:

Are you sure you have chowned everything?

chown -R openfire:group /path/openfire ?

what ls -l shows in /openfire/conf ?