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Messenger 1.0.4 is out

Hi all,

Messenger 1.0.4 is out. Primarily a bug fix release (including a working MacOS X launcher). See the release notes for the complete scoop.


Very cool about the MacOSX launcher.

If you are able to share, are you finding that most Messenger deployments are being done as stand-alone installations rather than using an app-server?

We don’‘t have any firm information but everyone I’‘ve chatted with seems to be using it in standalone mode. People are still mainly evaluating and developing though so it’‘s possible the usage may change when they’'re getting ready for deployments.

I think though that it will mainly run standalone since it is going to be a major piece of infrastructure for most shops (they’‘ll probably want to run it on it’‘s own machine just as they do they’'re DB and web server).