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Messenger Support for In Band Bytestreams

I noticed in the Protocol Support section for 2.3 that JEP-0047, In Band Bytestreams, are supported. Maybe they were supported in earlier versions and I just didn’‘t notice. Anyway, I’'m trying to figure out (a) what that means and (b) how I would leverage said support from a Smack client that needed to exchange small to medium sized files, e.g., an Apache config file, with other Smack clients. Any ideas?

Thanks … WkH

p.s. “RTFM Dummy” is an acceptable response if it includes a link to the FM.

it’'s more of a “RTFJ”

JEPs are formalized enhancements to the original Jabber Protocol. They’'re all numbered. You can find number 47 here: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0047.html

That link will get you started. I haven’‘t been using Smack that much, but I guess you can filter incoming stanza’'s for data packets. If no-one answers here, try asking that question in the Smack forum.

Should’‘ve been more explicit on the (a) part of my question. I’‘ve read JEP-0047 but it seems like more a client side thing. So I was wondering what it means from the server, in this case Messenger, perspective to support that JEP. Also, I haven’'t seen any statements about IBB in the Smack zone, just on the Messenger side of things. Hence my confusion.

… WkH

What it means on the server side is a JEP called AMP, or Advanced Message Processing. It is essentially a means to make sure that file transfer packets are delievered to the correct resource, aren’'t stored offline, and to help ensure that they are sent in the right order. AMP is currently not supported by Messenger but IBB can exist without it as it is just forwarding the packets to the approriate user. Smack on the other hand has no support currently for the process, but if you are intrested you can vote for SMACK-72 to help raise its priority.