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Messing up the forums :)

I know that i’'m pushing all the threads down when just updating my threads to a new Spark release. But i will stop updating thread only when an JIRA issue will be created for it or some propriate answer from Derek or Greg. I need hell a lot of issues to be fixed to be able to deploy Spark at our organization.

Maybe just start 1 thread with a generic title of outstanding spark issues and list the issues you’‘re having. If it doesn’'t get attention, you can bump it up to the top with a reply or perhaps email someone at jive (escalate it). The jive guys seem pretty good about replying with JIRA issues numbers to posts as they occur.

I can understand your frustration, but I don’‘t work for jive and as I see all these threads and I can’‘t help but think to myself… "Geez… what’'s going on here…?"

Just my 2 cents.


I was doing that. Posting my issues in Release threads. But this thread was growing huge. And after another release what should i do? Repost everything. In Live Chat i was told that it’'s better to start a separate thread for every issue. Well, this is a common law for all forums in the net.

how about a Spark bugs forum seperate from the general Spark discussion?

well, i think Spark Support forum is used mainly for bugs or just issues now. Discussions could be in some separate thread, like offtop.

ok, i think i wount be updating all my threads after every release (unless i had to add something), maybe i’'ll just put links to unsolved bug reports in Release thread.