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Migrate from internal/embedded DB to mysql

Hi Everyone,

we are using spark with aprox 70 users for quite a while now. initialy we installed spark on the internal hsql db. now we are considering to switch to an external (mysql) db. are there any best practises around? is this even possible / advidable ?


First of all, why do you want to move? I’ve been using internal database with 150 users for 10 years without problems. Internal database is just a text file, so not sure if conventional database dump and import tools would work. There is no official guide for this.

thank you for the fast response! actually i thought it is recomended to use a external DB with a certrain amout of users. But if there is no guide to this im not sure if i even whant to do this …

There is no concrete number set for when to use external database. It depends on usage and i would thought about external one with thousands of users. It may also be required in high availability scenarios (when database is in separate place, in a cluster, etc.).