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Migrate from Message Audit to Monitoring plugin

Here is the use case/scenario.

Openfire’s message audit log was used to audit chat messages etc. This created a number of log files (jive.audit-YYYYMMDD-XXX.log) in XML format in logs directory of openfire.

Message Audit log can quickly fill up your hard disk space while it affects performance of openfire. It is better to use the Monitoring plugin which stores the chat history to the Openfire database.

However, if your users need to have access to the Message Audit log history from the Monitoring plugin pages, then you need to migrate the message audit logs to the monitoring plugin.

There is no such migration as far as I know, please correct me if I’m wrong, so I created some scripts to do the job. I upload them here for evaluation and feedback.

jchat-migrateAuditLogs.zip (85.0 KB)