Migrate Openfire 3.7.1 off Windows 2003 to something else

Currently we have a Windows Server 2003 install of Openfire 3.7.1, which is running a SQL 2008R2 Express database.

We are looking to migrate this and are open to either solution, whichever is less invasive/fastest.

Does anyone have or know of any instruction to either migrate from 3.7.1 windows to 3.10.0 windows? Is it just a matter of installing the new openfire server and migrating databases to the new SQL Express instance on the server?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



basically, you’ll do this.

on the old server, stop openfire and your sql instance

copy your openfire database and log to the new server and attach the database

copy your openfire folder and all its contents to the new server

on the new server, edit openfire.xml to reflect the new location of the database, username, and password etc

add the openfire service to the new server by running .\bin\openfire-service.exe /install

start service

You may run into some issues…mainly dns, sso (if used), and your server name…which is really your xmpp domain, not the actual name of the hostname that openfire is running on. alot of people use the hostname not realizing this. If you change this, besure to update your admin jid to reflect the change before updating the xmpp.domain (server).

Speedy, thanks for the response.

That seems straight forward enough, however my manager just asked what it would take to move it to Linux?

I can probably just install a fresh version in Linux, however how do I migrate the settings? We do not need any chat history, just the current configuration settings.

thanks again,


are you users and group getting imported from LDAP/AD? If so, it might be easier to just stand up a new server and configure everything new.

IF not, than you should be able to import the ms-sql data into a mysql without much problem.

Yes, we are importing users and groups from Active Directory.

Sounds good, I think that may be the direction I take.

thanks again.