Migrate to New Server

I see same thread started but no real answer.

We have an old xp machine that runs Openfire 3.7.1 and we would like to migrate all that into a new Vm server.

Can anyone exaplain the process ?


Can anyone exaplain the process ?

Not until you provide more information. What database is in use now and what you want to use on a new server? What OS is on the new server?

OS: Windows XP

Built-In database

Minimum Windows 7, same databaseā€¦

Then you can just copy the Openfire folder from old server to the new one. If you use a service, then you can install it on a new server from a command line.

That sounds simpleā€¦

and if you wish to upgrade to the latest release ?

Run the installer in the current server and copy folders to the new server ?


Yes. Or you can copy the folder and run the installer on the new server and point to the folder you just copied. But going from such an old version to 3.10.2 can have issues. Some database upgrade scripts might not run. It is probably better to try upgrading in steps, like 3.8.0 > 3.9.0 > 3.10.0 or even more steps. You can find what exact versions were in the changelog and you can download any version by substituting version numbers in the download link.

Thank you

I did 3.7 to 3.8

3.8 - 3.9-- small permission glitch - fixed manually


worked like a charm