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Migrating from ejabberd to Openfire?

Hi all,

I’m new at Openfire, but would like to upgrade my current ejabberd setup to the better maintainable OpenFire.

Are there ways to migrate the user databases, vcards etc. to OpenFire?

I can find lots of documents to go the opposite way, but none about migrating to Openfire.

Has anyone done this, and help me out?

Hi Bas, welcome to IgniteRealtime community

You might find this thread useful:

Import Ejabber-Data

Thanks, I like it better so far than the ejabberd community. Thanks for the thread. Unfortunately, the script they used just generates lots and lots of errors while trying to migrate. Unfortunately I really don’t know enough about the ejabberd dump format to make any sense of it… I tried to find more people trying to do this…

Cheers, Bas.