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Migrating from Linux to Windows

Is there an easy way to migrate Jive Messenger 2.1 from Linux to Windows? I’'m using the built in database.

Hi Jeff,

While I haven’‘t tried it myself, I would think moving from Linux to Windows with the embedded database wouldn’'t be that big of a deal.

You’‘ll want to track down the jive-messenger.xml and the messenger.script files from current install and move them to the same locations in the new install. To be extra safe, you’‘ll want to test it and also be sure that you’‘re moving from/to the save version of Messenger. I could be wrong but I think that’'s all there would be to it.

If you try it I’'d be curious to know how things go.



If you try it I’'d be curious to know how things go.

me too. And maybe someone is tried to migrate from Windows to Linux? It could be useful to know how it worked. Now i’‘m using Windows, only testing, maybe in future we’'ll try to migrate to Linux so it could be useful to hear about possible problems.

There should be no problems migrating from Linux to Windows or from Windows to Linux. Just copy over the embedded-db (if using it) and configuration files and you should be set.