Migrating from Windows Openfire to Linux Openfire

I’m running Openfire 3.6.0 on a Windows Server 2003 virtual machine, using the embedded database, with 95 users in 16 groups. I want to build a Linux VM, probably the latest Fedora, and run the Linux Openfire and migrate my current data over there. I’m thinking moving to MySQL would be a good choice.

I tried exporting my users into xml with the “Import/Export” plugin, but it errors out when I try to do the file export saying the file doesn’t exist or page can’t be loaded, and when I try export to screen I get an empty box. In any case I think I would have had to manually re-create and populate all my groups with that method.

Does anybody know if there’s a good way to get this database migrated? Or at least how to get that plugin working so I can do it that way? Thanks in advance.

Posting your error logs would probably be a good place to start. From there someone may be able to determine what the problem is.

Have you thought about using an external user repository (LDAP) for your user management. Usually when you start getting into the 50-100 user range it is really handy to have all your user accounts managed in one place.



I answered my own question: I discovered the Java VM running Openfire had only 63 megs of memory, that is why the export plugin couldn’t run. So I found I could create openfire-server.vmoptions in the /bin directory with the following lines in it:


Restart the service and voila, it has up to a gig of memory and exports fine. I should be able to migrate to Linux now, and I certainly am looking at using LDAP/Active Directory instead of the embedded database.

Thank you.