Migrating Server settings from Windows to Linux

I am spinning up an openfire server on Ubuntu 14.04 to take place of my old Windows 2003 server.

I was able to get the basic config loaded and working without any issues. I have the server working and can connect to it from my machine with spark.

I want to be able to migrate all the server settings from the windows box to the linux box. I can’t seem to find where to do this. I do not see an export import anywhere that I can do that.

I’d also like to migrate the chat history, and am using the embedded database. Is there a way to do this as well? I’d be open to switching to MySQL and importing my old windows history into it if that will work as well.

Thank you.

Most settings are stored in the database. A few settings can be in /openfire/conf/openfire.xml , so you can copy over this file, though probably not so important. If you have set up new server with the embedded database, then you can just copy over file from the old server’s /openfire/embedded-db to new ones (though Ubuntu may be saving database folder in some other place, /usr/ or something). History is also stored in the database (when using Monitoring Service).

There is no export settings for database. Especially for the embedded one, as it is just a plain text file loaded into memory when server is running. So you are probably stuck with it. Unless you somehow import it into new MySQL database (text files are in the form of SQL statements). No export option for history either.

In exploring this some more, it looks like the Windows Server 2003 server is using SQLExpress.

Is there a way to export that database and import it into MySQL?