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Migration Maintenance

Over the next week or so, I’m working with @Daryl Herzmann to get all the existing Ignite Realtime services migrated to their new server homes.

Please bear with us as there may be some short outages here and there during this process. I’ll post specific times as they become available.



Bearing with it.

FYI - Igniterealtime.org mail has been migrated to the new servers, and the forums are using those new servers. Yay!

Rock and Roll!

I’m changing the existing SVN server to be read-only for the next 30 minutes or so. I’ll then update the new SVN server which I’ve been testing, and switch over DNS.

SVN is migrated to the new servers! You may need to wait up to 10 minutes for your local DNS cache to catch the change.

JIRA and Fisheye/Crucible are entering maintenance mode immediately as of this post.

I hope to have them back online on the new server in an hour or less.

Taking a bit longer than expected to get them back online, but still in progress.

Jira and Fisheye/Crucible are back online and moved to the new servers!

And not just online… but also upgrade to the latest versions! There’s some oddness with the color theming on the Jira instance…so, disregard that. I’m sure one of the Jira admins will clean it up.

Also, I should note that in moving SVN, it was upgraded to a 1.6.12 server, too.

Nothing like having the latest gear : D Big thanks!

I’m always for the latest versions, though i will have to get used with new Jira and Fisheye. New GUI looks so… flat Too much white space.

So, what’s next? SBS 4.5 maybe?

Wow, not satisfied?

In fact, YES! I’m working on upgrading to Jive SBS 4.5.

Once the bugs are worked out of the upgrade, I’ll be moving the website/SBS from the old servers to new… as well as Openfire… and we’ll be 100% moved!

It seems that i liked the old layout of the ticket better, more condenced layout. Nevermind. I will eventually get used, like always Btw, mail notifications aren’t working in Jira. I made a comment on a ticket i watch, and didn’t get a notification. Unless this new version is finally wise enough not to inform me about my moves

Can you leave a comment on this issue? http://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-237 So we will see is it working.

        | |                       | |                      /  |___            ______/   ____)                     ____)                     ____)           -------._____)

Changing URL’s are evil. Evil for people like me who do have bookmarks which do no longer work and also for search engines. Not sure whether we really want search engines to index all Fisheye pages, a robots.txt file which limits access to the trunk directories may be fine.


PS: My updated Fisheye bookmark: http://fisheye.igniterealtime.org/changelog/svn-org/openfire/trunk

Yep. I’ve noticed that my recent browser history, which i use a lot to browse to Jira tickets, is useless now But i didn’t want to complaint even more

Mail notifications should be fixed now.

I don’t like changing URL’s either, but it’s a LOT easier to migrate when the apps are on their own host names… My intent was to make it so the URL redirects from /issues and /fisheye would send along the original requested paths, so if that’s not working, I just need to fix it.

When i try http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1126 it throws me to http://issues.igniterealtime.org/secure/Dashboard.jspa

benjamin wrote:

Mail notifications should be fixed now.

Yep. Thanks.

(test response via email)

Your faithful president approved said changes, so there will be no

complaints! Seriously, if the community gripes too much, we can always

change it back once Benjamin gets everything migrated. We’ll have the

power to break things every way imaginable.

Benjamin has been putting in a tremendous effort for us, he’ll be the

patron saint of igniterealtime.org!