Missing a setting and I know it!

I am working on deploying OpenFire Server Version 4.0.1. I currently have the server installed and running with LDAP running. No issues with the database. I can log in and authenticate just fine. However, once I am logged in, I see nothing! I don’t have users, or groups showing. So I checked the only setting I can find online under groups, and it won’t let me change anything because I am using LDAP. It does appear to be showing though.

So basically, I just need to know where the setting is so that all users and groups are shown to all users. What setting am I missing in configuring the server?

Side note, I did enable show offline groups and users on the chat client.

Go into every group settings and enable Sharing.

So here is the thing! I actually found that setting! But it doesn’t work!

Here is the group setting for you to see.


You should enter the name by which it will be shared to the rest of the users (it can be the same or be different than group’s original name), then check the checkbox below and select All or some particular groups to share this group to. and of course press the “Save Contact List Settings” button to save these settings.