Missing base64 encoding in SASLAuthentication.java


when debugging a client application I noticed that the SASL

Looking at the source, it appears there should be a call to StringUtils.encodeBase64() in authenticationSuccessful(). (somewhere around line 418 of SASLAuthentication.java for version 3.0.1)

Any chance for a fix for this in the next maintainance release?

Interesting. You are correct, it should be converting the byte array to a base64 string. Im curious, though, what SASL mechansim are you using that has an additional reply with the success token? Not that its wrong, but Ive not seen many that do that.

Hey eirikns,

Thanks for the bug report and suggested fix. The issue JM-784 has been fixed. You can try again using the next nightly build version.


– Gato

The client used the DIGEST-MD5 SASL mechanism.