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Missing chat in converstations

I’m not sure where to begin looking for the cause of this problem so I wanted to check if anyone has had a similar problem.


Internal LAN

Openfire 3.6.4 on CentOS 5.x x64

Spark 2.5.8 on WinXP

Approx 60 concurrent connections.

Some users have complained that chucks of their converstations are missing. Its affected only 4 users and they are the heaviest users. I’ve verified the missing chat by looking through the history on each machine.

Typical scenario:

Conversation starts --> several exchanges --> 1 user will have a block of messages that never show up in sequence --> later on a new converation continues in the same window without issue.

When the heavy user is paired with a normal user it is always the normal user that misses out on some messages.

Another thing that has occured is that a user will have multiple chat tabs open, when they recieve a new message from someone they already have a tab open with, it goes into a 2nd tab instead (note the total tabs for all converstations is about 10 for this user on average). So to them they never get a reply since the reply went into another tab.

Now this has affected only the heavy users. I’ve observed that these heavy users have at least 5 chat tabs open at all times, whether the conversation is 2 hours old or current.

The only other similarities for these users is that they have a P4 2.6 CPU and 1GB RAM which is on the low end of the typical computer configuration there.

We have gigabit Linksys rack switches that need to be rebooted once a week to keep things from going haywire (not Openfire/Spark specifically but DHCP and connectivity issues for new computers).

So… I am wondering if anyone else has had similar problems and if so maybe we can find the common factors.