Missing Group Members from LDAP

The problem I am having is that I have setup my LDAP search strings per other threads and all looks well. I have the users required to be a member of a JabberUsers group, and a Group name filter so only groups listed as Jabber-* show up.

I have two groups setup, Jabber-IT and Jabber-Temp, they both show up, but Jabber-Temp only shows 3 users. The users do show up under the users list and they can sign on. Also when you click on the user in the userlist and look at his group membership it shows them in the Jabber-Temp group. When i do the server settings and re-setup ldap and Test the group query, i see the 2 groups, and the Jabber-Temp shows 6 users.

The temp accounts were all made as copies in Active Directy from one of the accounts that does show up in the group.

I’m running 3.5.0 on ubuntu Jeos VM, w/ MySQL as the database. I’ve gone as far as dumping the database and reconfiguring everything and same results.

Any ideas?

So I spent about an hour searching and reading, I noticed that in the chat transcripts from yesterday the dev’s thought it was due to AD Corruption.

I deleted the affected user accounts and created them while logged directly into a DC instead from the MMC on my work station. This seemed to resolve the issue for now. Since i’m still in a testing phase we’ll see if its more wide spread later on. I do think this is due to corruption in the account creation process. We do have a modified AD Schema and there is a good chance that if done from acomputer without the proper AD MMC snap-in it may not popuplate the fields correctly and cause errors. Marking this as answered since its been resolved for me.