Missing Pubsub features


Thank you all for the fabulous job on implementing the Pubsub spec.

In looking at a service discovery request, I noticed that the following Pubsub feature options were not listed.

  1. access-authorize, access-open, access-presence, access-roster, access-whitelist,
  2. auto-create, (creates node if not already)
  3. auto-subscribe, (through sharing of presence)
  4. delete-any, (any publisher may delete)
  5. filtered-notifications, (filter based on entities capability)
  6. last-published, (last published item sent to new subscribers and on presence)
  7. leased-subscription, (time-based)
  8. member-affiliation,
  9. multi-collection, (single leaf with multiple collections)
  10. presence-subscribe, (authorized automatically subscribed)
  11. publish-options, (publish item with options is supported)
  12. subscription-notifications (notification subscription state)

I was curious as to whether there were plans to support them, or, if they already were supported, whether they should not be added to service discovery results.

I’m also curious as to whether you have any plans to build the administrative interface further to allow greater control of access, to allow restrictions on the type of nodes that can be created and by whom, to let wording be changed on the forms returned, etc.

Thanks, and again, great work!


On the other hand, when I try to purge a node of items (admittedly nothing in it yet), I get a feature-not-implemented error… Should this feature NOT be listed as it currently is when performing Service Discovery?


“purge a node” may be implemented but I did never test it. Anyhow you should take care when using pubsub commands as the XEP did evolve within the last year while the current implementaion didn’t. So you may need to use “old” commands which are no longer in the current XEP. So one really needs to look at the Opefire source code.



I see purge nodes was implemented, but I needed to configure the node in question to persist items (so my fault)…

Of the items I mentioned, “access-open” is already implemented, but you have it (I know for legacy reasons) as something else. For reference of others reading this thread, only one of the access- options is implementable, since they just specify the default.

However, I would still like to know if any further work was planned on Pubsub, such as in implementing the missing features…