Missing Spark.exe and starter.exe


I just completed compiling a customized version of Spark 2.6.3, and now I would like to create an installer for the new app. While install4j is nice and all, we don’t want to pay $400 or more for an program that would be used only once in five years. So I’m trying out Inno Setup instead. The .iss script provided simply copies files to files to the appropriate directories, including Spark.exe and starter.exe. However, those two files haven’t been created yet, so I’m how I can generate those two files.

Can anyone help me here?

I found the answer by searching this foum for similar situations.

I downloaded and installed launch4j.

Then taking note of the locations of launch4j and Inno Setup 5, I modified the build.properties file to map the paths to launch4j and Inno Setup 5 to their correct locations.

Then I went to the command-line console and entered ant installer.innosetup

Then I opened Inno Setup 5 and used the spark.iss file in the build\installers folder to build a complete installer.

I hope that helps those also facing this problem.