Missing users, restart required

Hi there,

We just installed Spark 2.5.8 (about 40 users) and Openfire 3.5.1 in our company and we have a little problem… sometimes some users do not appear in the contact list and a restart of the Spark client is required to make the missing users show up. Is this a known problem ?

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Hey Ben,

I don’t think I heard this problem before. Are you using LDAP and have you added the new user to LDAP and that is the user that is missing in the roster? Do you see the same problem if you use another client?


– Gato

Thanks for the quick reply

No we are not using LDAP, it is set up with the default setting (Store users and groups in the server database). We haven’t tried another client, all our users are using Spark… this problem does not happen everytime, it has been reported only by a few.


Are you using shared groups? Is the problem happening when adding a user to a shared group?

– Gato

We have one shared group and added all the users to the group before installing spark on our computers. All the users were added at the same time.


So from what you are describing it seems that the problem is related to obtaining the roster from the server for the first time. That is weird. You can use the xml debugger plugin to monitor the XML being sent to the client and confirm that if it was sent and the client is not showing it then it is a client problem.


– Gato

Is the XML debugger plugin client or server side ?



The xml debugger plugin is for Openfire (so it is server side). However, most of the XMPP clients also offer a way to open an XML debugger window to monitor the traffic with the server.

– Gato

I’m seeing this problem on Openfire 3.6.4. I observed the following from the server:

  1. The affected users’ rosters did not include the shared group.

  2. The list of groups of which the affected accounts were members included the shared group.

  3. Both affected accounts were listed in other’s rosters, as members of the shared group (i.e. other members of the group saw both accounts appropriately).

  4. Both affected accounts were still members of the AD group.

I performed the following:

  1. Cleared the “group” cache. No resolution.

  2. Cleared the “user” cache. No resolution.

  3. Restarted the Openfire service. Resolution.

Has anyone observed the problem in 3.7.0 yet?