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Mistaken Post N/A

Pardon the post, it was a case of misunderstanding.

So the Openfire Admin Console homepage does not report a DNS configuration issue? In general, what you describe should work and users can log in as test@domainname. Does Openfre log authentication errors when the login failures happen? Can you try other clients like Pidgin? Perhaps, iMessage is having SASL authentication issues. If so, you may have to add PLAIN to sasl.mechs

  1. The Admin Console homepage for Openfire 4.1.5 has a section on the page denoting a check for DNS.
  2. /opt/openfire/logs or there is a log section within the admin console. It sounds like you need to spend more time exploring all of the settings found on the admin console.
  3. That again likely indicates a DNS problem.
  4. Fix DNS first prior to messing with Openfire Server Properties, again found on the admin console.