Mobile client choices

What are people using (iOS) that is reliable and stays connected in the background on an iOS device? The few I have tried either don’t work most of the time (IM+) or send duplicates of every message (Monal) or don’t stay connected unless the app is on the screen (if you lock the phone it loses the connection after 10 minutes).

XMPP is not very popular on iOS. You can try a few more options from this list

There is ChatSecure but OpenFire does not support all XEP’s it wants. I have a kind of mixed experience with it unfortunately.

Unfortunately the lack of development in resolving the push notification issue in Openfire really hinders it from becoming a top tier platform. With so much mobile connectivity these days it’s almost a requirement. I’ve been struggling to find a suitable Openfire replacement but with the lack of push support it’s becoming a higher priority. Hopefully Openfire can find the resources to implement sooner than later.

@Guus did some work on push recently, although this is still an early version

About resources though. It is an open source project with a few volunteers.

I understand that, and for what resources are available it’s a great product and I recognize and appreciate the efforts of all involved. If there is flexibility to direct the resources available to this I think it would be a big benefit overall to Openfire.

I’d love some feedback on that plugin…

I’d be more than happy to provide feedback on it. It’s a feature we’ve been waiting quite some time for. Is there a plugin I can download and implement as of now?

Ok I was able to compile it (one of our devs did it for me). Is there any setup or do I need to reboot or should it just work?

FYI, I ran the ChatSecure mobile app (iOS) and it still reports 357 as not supported in the app.

Ah, you could have simply downloaded the plugin from our website.

Although push notifications are not working for other reasons (working on it), I do see ChatSecure detecting the 357 support.

Initially, I got this:

After a restart, ChatSecure was more or less happy:

Yep, a restart shows it’s compliant now, but it’s not actually working (as you mentioned). Post up when you have an update and I’ll be happy to test.