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Mobile Smack


I’m trying to create a mobile (J2ME) client that connects to MSN, Y!, and GTalk, just like Beejive and all those other clients, but am having so much trouble getting off the ground.

First of all, there doesn’t seem to be a solid J2ME XMPP library that is fully developed and well supported. I searched through this forum, and found mentions of Beep. I’ve been looking at Beep for the last couple of days and the documentation leaves much much to be desired, there is no document that explains how to use Beep step-by-step, and its Beep Talk example doesn’t explain much either.

I’m getting pretty desperate here. I wish I could use Smack because it’s very well documented, but I don’t seem to have that choice.

I have so many questions. I don’t even know what server and port to use. Beep’s XMPPConnection constructor asks for port, service name, a SnippetProcessor object, among others. Where do I get a list of servers and ports for MSN, Y!, and GTalk? What libraries do Beejive and IM+ use? Did they write their own? I don’t see any method in Beep to retrieve the Roster list. How do I do this?

Please, if anyone can help get me off the ground it would be so much appreciated. Panicking here!

Thanks so much!