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Modification of Editor plugin

Hi Everyone,

I’ve just recently started using Openfire and the Spark client at the organisation I’m looking after - both of which are awesome! I’ve been experimenting with a few plugins, including the Editor plugin from Version2 Software. Now… I’d like to tweak it a bit, basically to have some text appear by default when the editor program launches. I’m relatively confident that such a thing is possible… however I have absolutely no experience in Java coding - though I’ve done a little bit of random coding here and there in the past, and consider myself reasonably adept at cut-paste-modify type of thing.

I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of how to look at modifying an existing plugin in such a fasion? Basically what program should I use to edit which file(s)? The rest I will muddle along and find out for myself…

Maybe you should better contact Version 2 Software and ask if they can give you your custom version, or at least tell what exactly you have to modify.

For the java coding you can use Eclipse, Netbeans IDEs or do it from the command line. Also you will need JDK installed, and maybe also some SVN syncing tool to get the code from SVN.

Hi Robert

I am new to openfire and spark and I am also trying to modify a parrotbot plugin i downloaded from here. I see you also trying to modify a plugin.

I have no luck in doing so and I was wondering if you have found a way. If so could you please advise of what you have done.

Any help will be much appreciated.


Hi Moe1,

Unfortunately (or fortunately in my case!) I worked out a workaround to make the editor plugin do what I needed it to do without modification via external document templates.