Modifying contents of MUC table and chat buffers


This is my first post here, so I just want to thank all the developers for such a great piece of software, and accept my apologies if something similar has already been asked (no luck in finding an answer).

We are running Jive Messenger 2.2.2 with MySQL 4.1.13a on Win2k and make extensive use of MUCs. We have a requirement to be able to modify some previous entries in the conference.

I am able to use a simple UPDATE statement against our MySQL server to modify the contents of the ‘‘body’’ field, and the web interface we have to this table picks up the change no problem.

When I reopen the MUC with my jabber client, however, the old chat history is still sent. I have tried running a FLUSH TABLE mucconversationlog on our mysql server, and also RESET QUERY CACHE and there is still no change, so I am assuming that Jive keeps some of this data in memory buffers of its own. Is there any way I can trigger Jive to reload the data from this table, other than a restart?

Any tips or suggestions appreciated… I wonder if maybe I should dig through the API and put together a little plugin for this, if something similar doesn’'t exist.




Wildfire does cache the database. See for a more detailed discussion. Maybe you want to vote for JM-551 or write a plugin yourself which allows you to purge the cache.


Quite the fast reply! I guess we can live with waiting a few hours or a day for the refresh of the database. If we have an urgent need to modify the contents, we can always restart.

Thanks again,