Modifying the monitoring plugin


I want to modify the monitoring plugin to suit the requirement of my application. I have checked out the latest openfire code from the repository. I am pretty much a java newbie but have managed to figure out what and where exactly I have to make the change. How do I go about from here ? I know this might be more of a java question than openfire specific question. But when I try to export the monitoring package to jar, none of the java files go in the jar. Is there any documentation that explains how to modify and rebuild the plugins ?




Finally I learnt about Ant and now I can build the plugin using it. But now the problem i am facing is that, when I try to upload this jar file from the openfire admin console, it shows a success message but the plugin doesnt appear in the list. I tried restarting the server but that doesnt work as well. What could be the reason for this ?