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Modifying the Statup >> Advanced >> Host Properties

Hello All,

First time poster. After having good sucess with Spark IM, I am left with one thing I have not been able to figure out. I am trying to make a permanet host IP and port number in the start up part of Spark IM (manual navigation to Advanced >> General tab. I see in the spark.jar file where the HOST_NAME can be changed but only modifies the server name. I need to make a permanet host IP and port number for this file but cant seem to figure out where to do it at. I have attempted PROXY_HOST and PROXY_PORT but does not log on to the server if added here. I have searched to the ends of the internet with no siccess finding a resolution on this. Would be greatful if anyone can help. I have attached a screen shot of the specific property which I am seeking help with.

Thanks Guys,