Monitor Openfire server

I want to be able to monitor an Openfire install from a monitoring application to make sure it’s available. I’m using What’s Up Gold for monitoring. Any thoughts on how to accomplish? I’m not seeing anything out there.

We use Nagios for monitoring. We have a combination of tools to monitor Openfire. One is a perl script which logs into the Openfire server via XMPP to verify the server is up and authentication is working. The other is a JVM monitoring utility which connects via JMX and monitors the JVM heap size and other memory statistics.

No idea how to do it with WUG, but I am sure there are generic XMPP monitoring tools for it. Or you could just try to hit tcp/5222 to see if it is even still alive (although, we found this to be unreliable if the application blows up but the JVM is still running).

I wont see any problem in why WUG cant monitor openfire…may be some settings ore configuration issue…RMI Agent is one solutions to monitor Openfire if you dont want to use WUG

I can just monitor the port, but that is not ideal, of course. I want to keep it in WUG so I have all in one place. I was hoping I could create a TCP monitor and pass a xml string and then look for an expected response… but I’m not sure what to send… I tried pasting an xml string in a telnet session to port 5222, put that didn’t give me anything to go on. Any thoughts?

I could get a class library with xmpp methods and build a monitor that calls that, but that’s more work than I care to do…