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Monitoring Archiving - Cleaning?!


i have now installed the monitor plugin…i have enabled the conference log, it works…but i have now ~10 logs from my testing.

Where can i find the logs and delte/clean them?!

I have deinstalled the plugin…and installed again, but the logs are there.

I have search the openfire folder but i dont find anyone…i use it at a windows xp prof. client as a service…i hope anyone can help.


Assuming you are using a MySQL database, check out the following table in your Openfire DB:

Server: localhost - Database: openfire - Table: ofMessageArchive

I used phpMyAdmin to browse to it.

If you are using the embedded database this is difficult. Search the forums for other posts on how to edit the embedded db. If you use an external DB such as MSSQL or MySQL, there are windows native administrative tools for those databases. Download those and use them to edit the tables of the database. Although phpmyadmin will work it would require a webserver to run it.

Ok, i use the windows version…and i have seen that i have a embedded viewer…now i see the folder, but i cant see any entries.

PUBLIC.OFMESSAGEARCHIV, i can click it (+) and then i see many more, but no one show me entries.

Is this the right for the conversation archiv from the monitoring plugin?!

you use the windows version of what? just clicking will get you the default action. try right clicking and choosing the edit data option if using MySQL.


i use the openfire version for windows.

I used the openfire database, we need only 10-20 accounts, and openfire runs good.

I have seen that in the folder bin/extras an database viewer is i can open it, and i see the tables…but i can’t find the conversations logs, and i can nothing clicking…only + can i click at the tables and i see the declarations.

Ther is not much you can do with the embedded db. This is why no matter how small your user base you should be using an external db for production servers.

I installed the windows version of openfire and it created the tables in mysql db. I then installed the monitoring plugin. There was some error message saying that database schema was not created. I then restarted the openfire server and that error disappeared. I then activated the archiving feature under server -> Archiving. I sent some test conversations.

The montior plug seems to be working . I see the live conversations in the admin console.

Now I am looking for where the conversations are saved. I do not see any new tables in the openfire mysql db.

Seems the conversations are stored as embedded db. Why would this be if openfire was originally installed into mysql? Does not make any sense. If it is embedded then there is no hope of maintaining it.

The monitor plugin seems to be tailored for linux users. I hear these chat tables magically appearing in mysql, but i dont see it on my windows server.

  1. you should have started a new thread. this one is close and answered.
  2. you question is answered in other threads as well.

Take a look at this thread: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/169606#169606

The time is (if I rember correctly) calculated in milliseconds since 1.1.1970.