Monitoring chat room sessions

I have turned on chatroom monitoring, but was wondering where does the monitoring information go? Openfire 3.3.3…

Hi Jeff,

Where did you turn this setting on?


you turn on the setting under the group chat tab and in the room you wish to monitor. I have found what I was looking for however. the transcripts are stored in the database under mucconversationlog. any sql reader will be able to view the transcripts. a select statement would also expose exactly the room that I would want to see as well.

Now there is the recently opensourced plugin Monitoring that should do this. It also has a nice interface to search the logs.

Yes, and I currently have it on and working on my test server. However the server I am working with in production is 3.3.3, and monitoring plug only works on 3.5.1 … i will be upgrading in the coming weeks, but still ahve some testing to do on intergrating the fastpath plugs into our online help page for helpdesk functionality.

Hi Jeff,

I have the same question, please let me know if your question has been answered. I am trying to monitor my chat logs aswell. But nothing is getting recorded or I don’t know the location of where the information is being recorded?

Please let me know if you know.


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