Monitoring Plug-in seems to have lost all conversations

This morning i had the problem where i couldnt log onto the admin account. I have since fixed this problem, but only after i tried restoring me Openfire folder from a backup.

Now when i log into the console and browse to the monitoring plugin page, i can’t see any of the old conversations people have had since the restore. All of the settings are still the same and everything else works fine, and the server is also currently logging conversations properly, but i can’t seem to view any of the old conversations.

At the bottom of the monitoring page it tells me their are nearly half a million messages stored, yet i can’t seem to view them when i do a search. I’ve tried rebuilding the index, but that dosnt seem to have worked.

Can anybody help with this? i NEED these conversations back

Scratch that, i’ve managed to work it out. For some reason since the restore it’s renamed the users on the old chat logs to “username” @ “server ip address”, so when i was searching for specific usernames they wernt showing up