Monitoring Plugin error

Hi I am new to Openfire and am having trouble logging the discussion that we have on the sparkclients. I want to be able to see what/how much data was tansferred on the Spark client through Openfire.?

I think Monitoring.jar plugin should solve this issue. But I’m not able to see it in the Logs in the Openfire Server or my C drive.

I needed some help in figuring out how I can log the conversation and see what was being sent at what time? and how much size wise.

Any help is this will be much appreciated.

Thank You.

The monitoring plugin logs the data to the database. Hopefully you are using an external database because the embedded DB file will get huge over time. You can check the monitored data via the openfire admin website. Under the main server tab there are 2 subtabs for arching and statistics.

Hi Todd,

Thanks for the Helpful Hint. I haven’t configured a new Sql database yet. Although its installed on the server. May be I’ll do that for the second one. but for now when I go under Archiving and click on conversations I see my conversations there but when I click on any one of them I get the Java.lang error of “JID cannot be null”. My whole purpose behind this is to see what the users are typing and how long does it take to send one message accross the network.

Regarding the error I’m not sure what i’m missing in the database. I am using the embedded database for now, I allready made sure that the tables and the scripts have been created but the mucconversationlog is not there. Under the Archiving I can see my messages number go up but i cant see each message and how long it is and how much time it takes… the statics is working fine too…

Therefore if you could help me figure out where i need to go in the Database and check for the conversation that would be great.