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Monitoring Plugin Fails to Display Conversation

I am running OpenFire 3.6.4 with MySQL Database. The plugin is installed and enabled to collect user and group conversations. I can see converstation individuals and date / time. However, I am unable to see the archived conversations as if it was disabled. I get the message “The messages in this conversation were not archived.” This may have been caused by the last upgrade but I am unable to determine for sure. I have removed and added plugin with no affect. This server started as a 3.5.2 server. Any help would be appriciated.

Sorry, my bad the ofMessageArchive Table was damaged and needed to be repaired.


I’m having the same problem here but I don’t know how to fis the ofMessageArchive Table.

Can you please help?



Hi all,

even monitor 1.3.1rc1 also could not help to solve this problem, is there anything else we can do to solve this problem ?

I have smae issue as mentioned above…
I did all below operarations …

Check table

Defragment table

Analyze table

Optimize table

Flush the table

didn’t help me to solve this…any idea ???
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