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Monitoring Plugin Gone (Kindof)?

I logged in to Openfire Administration webpage yesterday and noticed the “Archiving” and other tabs associated with the Monitoring plugin were gone.

I go to the plugin list, and it’s still there. So I restart the plugin. I delete the plugin. I reinstall Openfire. Nothing works…

So right now, it still shows that the plugin is installed, but again: no tabs.

Everything else appears to work.

Any ideas?

I have no ideas, but just wanted to ask what database do you use, and also on what OS? Monitoring plugin stopped to work for me here. Well, not completely, but it doesnt show Statistics on that page, just a blank page is shown. This happened after some Openfire upgrade probably. It works fine at home on my test server. I wasnt able to find out what’s the problem is. I think Monitoring plugin developers should check this plugin, probably it has some bugs, but it is unlikely as they dont work with Openfire stuff anymore.

I use the embedded database on Server 2003.

Is there another monitoring plugin then if this one isn’t going to be developed anymore?

Not really. You can of course use the built-in Auditing option, but it stores everything in the logs files and it’s not easy readable, all in xml.

But maybe this is a problem with embedded-db as i’m using this too. I suggest to switch to some standalone database like MySQL.

Just started working. Apparently it was logging the messages, however the menu options to actually access that stuff just weren’t there.

No idea what the heck I did, I had given up on it and signed on to do user-management task when I noticed the tab was back…