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Monitoring Plugin Issues on upgrade

I am running Openfire 4.0.3 with Monitoring plugin 1.5.2

I am testing an upgrade: Openfire to v4.1.3(latest) and Monitoring plugin to v1.5.6 (latest)

The upgrade of Openfire works without an issue - Monitoring plugin still seems to work, but I get the following popup when manually attempting to ‘Rebuild Index’:


It looks like archiving of messages and chat rooms continues as before - searching for conversations still accesses new and older conversations.

I attempted to upgrade the Monitoring plugin to the latest version, which reported back it upgraded successfully. However, when going to the ‘Archiving Settings’ page, I see a red error banner indicating the index was not rebuilt. If I hit the ‘Rebuild Index’ button, I get a green banner saying that indexing is being performed… however when moving onto another page and back to this archiving settings page - I again see the red error banner saying the index build failed. I’ve stopped and restarted Openfire but that did not affect this behavior. (In the test environment, I am running the Openfire server manually - as administrator… not as a service)

I’ve back reved the Monitoring plugin to the older version since it seems to still work - even with the ‘message’ popup.

Can someone help me diagnose the issue with the Monitoring plugin? I would like to move to the latest version if possible - if not - I would like to be assured the older version is still working as I believe it is, even though it throws this message popup.



EDIT: I am also getting the above ‘getInlineOpacity’ message when attempting to manually ‘rebuild Index’ on Openfire v 4.0.3 and Monitoring Plugin 1.5.2 - so this message is not related to the openfire upgrade to 4.1.3.

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I have the same experience with monitoring plugin v1.5.6.

Moreover in my case this version almost break supporting of xep-0136.

Now I use next bunch: openfire v4.1.1 + monitoring plugin v1.4.5.

I need retrieving archived messages by xep-0136.
But in version 1.4.5 also have list of issues one of them related to timestamp of messages and conversations.

I see Monitoring Plugin version 1.57 is out and in it’s changelog it mentions this problem:

1.5.7 – May 19, 2017

  • [OF-1334] - Monitoring Plugin displays “Archive index rebuild failed”

That link shows the issue is ‘resolved’ but the ‘fix version’ is 4.1.5

Does that mean the issue is fixed with plugin v1.57 in the upcoming release of Openfire v4.15? OR is it fixed with any version of Openfire as long as you are using Monitoring plugin v1.57?


It should be fixed in 1.5.7 for any Openfire version. JIRA only has a project for Openfire, so there is no other way as to file a fix for a plugin for an upcoming version of Openfire. But the fix is already in the updated version of a plugin.