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Monitoring Plugin Permissions

I am using the monitoring plugin for my company and there is a request for our monitoring department to be able to view the chat logs.

Now I would like to be able to do this without having my developers write a program for this.

Is there a way for user permission to be set so that I can have people log into the back end of the system and only have access to the monitoring plugin display?



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Hello John, although it is a very old post, i would like to answer it :-).

I am currently trying to create and export endpoint for the Logs.

I was already able to bypass the Openfire Admin Login and implemented a Basic Auth Login, that uses the User DB behind (e.g. the Jabber Accounts).

I decided to modify the Monitoring Plugin, since there is already Chat Log History and Search functions implemented.

Just spend some hours today in that project, but will keep you informed if you like :-).