Monitoring Service has disapeared

This is my first post so if this is in the wrong place or incorrectly posted please let me know -

I’ve set up a little linux VM to host Spark for our company. The server itself is up and running and things are working as expected. After setting the server up I installed the Monitoring Service plugin and was able to get into archiving and view conversations. This was an important part of the install as without it management doesn’t want the system to remain in place. That being said in the last couple of weeks we haven’t had any reason to check chat logs and recently noticed the archiving menus are gone. When logged in we have the following options (see attached) but no way to view logs based on user or date like we used to. I’ve used Spark at two companies but this is the first install I’ve been in charge of managing so my understanding of the inner workings is shaky. I’ve restarted the VM hosting it, removed and reinstalled the Monitoring Service plugin, tried different browsers to see if perhaps it was just a problem displaying the menus but I can’t make any headway. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I should add the following info -

We’re running Openfire 4.0.1 with Monitoring Service 1.5.1

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Did you try reinstall the Monitor plugin? Server restart? I’am using this plugin and it’s worgin well.

Try to install on your Linux this packages: glibc.i686 , helped me last time. (CentOS)

That’s odd. Do you see the plugin in the list of installed plugins? Does the plugin jar file exist in <openfire_home>/plugins/ ? When you restart the plugin, is anything of relevance being written to the log files?

Thanks for the suggestions. I’m running Ubuntu so I was unable to locate the packages Klambauer András suggested. To **Guus der Kinderen **I can see the packages installed and I am able to restart them. Initially I had the .jar files in the /home/Administrator/ folder but not in /home/Administrator/openfire/plugins/ folder so I copied them into there to see if that would help. I then restarted the server and the services but still don’t have the menus from the web interface. I hope I’m understanding those instructions correctly. When I restart the service from the web interface I get a listing that I did such in the security audit viewer if that’s what you were referencing.

Alternatively can you possibly suggest a way to cleanly reinstall the plugin? I’d rather not go through setup from scratch but if I can get rid of the monitoring service then reinstall I’ll give that a try.