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Monitoring Services plungin

Buen dia!
Tengo instalado openfire 4.5.2 en un servidor windows ya tenia configurada la opcion de almacenamiento de conversaciones para poder monitorearlas pero de pronto desaparecio

He desinstalado e instalado repetitivamente el plug in y nada

Alguien sabra que problema puedo tener o definitivamente tengo que reinstalar todo y volver a configurar

Good afternoon! Do you have a built-in or external database?

Good Day!

I suppose it is incorporated. Install openfire version 4.5.1 on a hp proliant ML150 g5 server, then proceed to register the users and then download the monitoring services plug-in.

Everything was working perfectly fine until just a week ago that when I wanted to track a conversation I detected that the conversation storage option was no longer there, but, if I have the monitoring services plug-in loaded.

As I mentioned above I’ve uninstalled and installed it repeatedly and I even updated the version of openfire to 4.5.2 and I am not able to see conversations between users again.


I had this with a built-in database

I don’t understand you

You have the same problem?

Could you solve it?

Log in to the server configuration via the web interface. Server Manager-database take a screenshot