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More information about rayo

the documentation / readme about rayo plugin is very very short

I understood that rayo is adding SIP features to the openfire server

i did understood that this would allow me to connect with a SIP client with the same user/password than for openfire/xmpp.

but maybe i understood wrong or i made something wrong.

what shall be configured to make the rayo plugin to work properly

for SIP calls with a sip softphone ?

The rayo plugin uses the SIP plugin for openfire to link the xmpp user to a SIP profile and registration with a SIP proxy. If you want to call SIP addresses directly instead of phone numbers, you don’t need the openfire SIP plugin. To make it work, you need to develop your own web client using the strophe and the rayo strophe plugin provided. In the source, there is a demo folder with a working demo web client. Copy it to OPENFIRE_HOME/resources/spank and go to https://your_server:7443/demo or whatever name you gave to the demo folder.

ok Dele

i will have a look of this demo web client for rayo

to figure a bit more what is is useful for

my aim was more oriented to pass calls with android sip application

using the openfire xmpp credentials directly

(i do not find opensource android client with xmpp/ jingle implemented)