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More than one Domain on one Server

Hi …

Some friends and me have an own server and i’‘ve just installed wildfire. now it’'s working under my domainname and the usernames look like this:


now my questions… this server serves more than one domain is it possible that the wildfire server also servers more than one domain? so that i can have users like

user@domain1 and

user2@doamin1 and

user3@domain2 and so on?

and if it’'s possible where (and how) can i edit this feature?


virtual mass hosting was discussed before, it’'s somewhere on the roadmap but not as a high priority issue.

You may start two or more Wifi instances, this is not the best solution. You need one IP address for every instance (or use non-standard ports) and configure Wifi to bind to one IP address .

The servers may communicate with each other using s2s, you’'ll probably want to disable this.


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Thank you … I think i’'ll drop the idea of more hosts until wildfire supports is