More than one simultaneous connection with the same jid

Is it possible to configure Wildfire to allow more than one connection with the same jid? I’‘m aware of rfc3921 - section 3 (Session establishment) but I am trying to use the user’‘s roster for other purposes (incl. server-side monitoring / administration). I’‘ve been trying to find a way to retrieve a user’‘s roster and the only way I’'ve found so far is by establishing a new connection and authenticating as the user. Unfortunately this will affect any other (IM) connections that the user might have or wants to establish at the same time.

So at this point I have two choices (and can’'t find a way to make either one work):

  • Allow my server process to connect to Wildfire using the normal XMPP session establishment but without affecting any other session that might already exist;

  • Use alternative method to retrieve a user’'s roster (I need to accomplish this through an API - direct DB access is not feasible).

I apologize if this a trivial / frequently asked thing. I searched for a couple of days and couldn’'t find the answer.

Any suggestions / pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Does using a different resource on login do that?


you must use another JID, so changing the resource part of it to a random value should be fine. You also need to set the priority of your connection as low as possible to make sure that your connection does not receive any messages.


Thank you guys - this looks like the right way to go. Will be doing this tomorrow and will post back with the results.